Characterising system response with an FPGA

Due to a need to add an FPGA to the control stack that I have been developing (please see the previous 4 or 5 blog entries), I have started to plan the implementation of a PID feedback loop on the Spartan 6 Xilinx FPGA that comes with the Mojo development […]

Archiving EPICS data

In the past few posts I’ve explained how to set up a Control System architecture involving an EPICS IOC running on a Raspberry Pi reading/writing data to from an Arduino to control a very simple system (an LED & a photoresistor).  There are various functions that a control system is […]

EPICS serial communication with Arduino

If you’ve followed the instructions here and here, you now have a Raspberry Pi capable of running EPICS+ASYN+StreamDevice, and an Arduino listening for serial commands to control an LED and read-back the voltage drop across an adjacent photo-resistor.  Now we need to add the glue to connect these two halves […]

EPICS IOC on a Raspberry Pi

This is one of the most time-consuming and difficult parts of a series on how to set up EPICS control of an Arduino.  Technically, this part of the project isn’t very challenging, but the nitty-gritty details of getting it to work are kinda monotonous. The aim of this is to […]