Career goals

To be known as a person with a high degree of integrity, who values and rewards professional honesty, and who acts in a fair way towards all team members.

To never stop developing the width and depth of my knowledge base, and to continually improve my technical toolkit.

To earn a reputation as a person who can systemically solve large, complex, problems, by skillfully decomposing them into smaller challenges to be worked on by myself or by my delegates.

Current position

Presently I am a staff physicist at the European Spallation Source.

Accelerator Engineer for Beam Instrumentation

I am the System Lead for the Beam Position Monitors (BPM’s), and am charged with managing the various teams producing the BPM’s for the European Spallation Source.  In addition, I am the technical lead for various experimental efforts, and for the coding and data analysis frameworks.

Superconducting Cavity Expert

The primary technical expertise for which I was hired is my theoretical and practical knowledge of superconducting cavities.  This is as a result of my postdoctoral work at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, during which time I investigated using these accelerating cavities to diagnose the electron beams traveling through them.

In my current position, I am considered the primary expert on the performance of these components.

Adjunct Lecturer in Accelerator Physics

I currently spend 20% of my time working as an adjunct lecturer in Accelerator Physics at Lund University.  This position comes with a small amount of teaching time, however its primary benefit is the freedom to pursue some of the academic topics that I wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to develop.

Some of these topics can be be found on the projects page of this website.